2012-10-27 10:23:27 by coolebud

well... im dead on newgrounds, mainly because im bored, and to lazy to make anything, and because i left roeblaks, wich was like, the only reason i was still on newgrounds....

roeblaks site lolz

2011-05-11 13:41:04 by coolebud

roeblaks DOT tk
yay :3

this is new

2011-02-25 07:46:36 by coolebud

now happy crash?


2010-10-28 12:00:28 by coolebud

im trying flash its to annoying i want to pick another color then everything selected (cant "un"select) goes the same color it is so freakin annoying

flash player

2010-10-26 10:16:55 by coolebud

right now im downloading macromedia flash player8
after that i will try to make vids :D

Me pwns crashgek -.-

2010-09-17 11:55:24 by coolebud

Well i pwn crashgek..... at roblox
will add a youtube link to show you .....
PROOF 1 = lebud/i-pwns
PROOF 2 = lpsw

lolwut what should i type here?

2010-09-16 09:50:41 by coolebud

im bored to death-.- almost my birthday :D sept 19 (sunday), but my birthday party i give on sept 18 and sept 19 i go to the cinema with "tommynator24" and "MikaX" to shrek :D and then to the mcdonalds :P
ps : in ya face crashgek!
my roblox account is MiyuCoolebud
cuz coolebud was wrong (i had only safe chat -.-)
and im in Roeblaks the best serie on newgrounds (xD)
i need to type something here i think.......
things 'bout me
Im to fast bored xD
my friend chrashgek says im a good "drawer"
im colorblind..... yhea really... dont you dare to laugh bout it o.0 i will find you
adn im 12 almost 13
*type something useless here*
im in 2th grade
i live in holland
i dunno how to work with flash =D
*still bored*
ask questions "in the comment section below" (ray william johnson :D)
and i will try to answer them :D

NG Sketchbook Tour - medal guide

2010-05-23 08:58:51 by coolebud

total points of medals : 5
total medals : 1

points : 5
description : super secret
How to get : go to page 81-100
click on the image from nathanielmilburn (picture 83)
wait and there you go!